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I'm so glad you want an original painting!

Before the form, I'll leave some important information here:

All paintings are original, handcrafted by me, in acrylic paint and/or gouache. The entire production process is slower, taking up to a month to be delivered;

I receive the budget and translate it into my language, my painting aesthetic. I don't make copies, I don't paint realisms;​

Some paintings already have a fixed price: (delivery fee not included)

* 100% COTTON A5 PAPER: $200

* 100% COTTON A4 PAPER: $300
* 100% COTTON A3 PAPER: $400

After receiving the completed form, I contact you by email to finalize the quote. The project starts running after the full amount is deposited;​

If the idea is to make bigger projects, please specify the size as canvas (paper, canvas, wood...);

Delivery throughout Brazil;

I answer the forms myself, as well as emails and instagram. Returns can take up to 5 days, please be patient!

Usually the contact is only by email, the cell phone will be used in more urgent cases.

I will contact you soon. Thank you!

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